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Kalahandi is located in south-west region of the state of Orissa. Kalahandi; locally pronounced as Kalahani as stated may literally mean, “Black pot” or it may mean “Pot of arts”. The region had a glorious past and great civilization in ancient time. Kalahandi, the region is divided into plain and hilly terrains. As regards geographical region, the district is situated between 19 degree 3’N and 20 degree 18’N latitude and 82degree 20’E and 83 degree 47’E longitudes. The total geographical area of the district is 7920 square km. and the total population is 15,73,054. The population density is 199 square km. and sex ratio is 1003 females per thousand males. The whole district is divided in to 3 blocks, 12 sub-divisions and there are 273 panchayats.