Annual District Plan 2011-12
Summary :For sustainable and planned economic development it is essential to formulate the Annual District Plan on the basis of available resources. As per the direction of the Department of Planning and Development, Government of Bihar, an effective district plan was prepared. The Annual District Plan 2011-12 for Rs. 103142.389 lakh has been prepared for the maximum utilization of available resources, so that the socio-economic development of the district can be further accelerated.
Agriculture Contingency Plan for Supaul
Summary :This document shows the agriculture contingency plan for Supaul district.
Comprehensive District Agriculture Plan Supaul
Summary :This document shows the comprehensive district agriculture  plan for Supaul.
District Health Action Plan 2012-13
Summary :This document shows the health action plan 2012-13 of Supaul district.
District Profile -SUPAUL
Summary :This document shows the district profile of Supaul district.