Health for All - Dr. Prema Ramachandran
Summary :The article focuses on the historical development of public health system in India. It also laid down the blueprint of subsequent health planning and development in independent India. It highlights the problem associated with the public health system in India. The article was written at the initiation period of Ninth Five Year Plan. It briefly states the recommendation for the Ninth Five Year Plan for public health system.
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Challenges & Policy Response Macro Policy Framework for Development - Arvind Virmani
Summary :The article is macro-economic framework for overall development. The article elucidates about few macro-economic indicators like- investment, competitiveness, tax reform, import tariffs, quality of expenditure etc. The article puts conclusions on macro- economic reforms and policy recommendations.
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Land Reforms Remain an Unfinished Business - K.Venkatasubramanian
Summary :The article discusses about the land reform process in India. The article also briefly describes the paradigm shift in the land reform process over the years. As a part of the land reform process the article throws some light on the land tenure issue. Finally the article discusses about the policy domain of the land reform process.
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